Friday, June 8

Foodie Friday

All of these photographs were taken at Oxford Botanic Garden where they are growing a huge array of fruit and vegetables... my dad & I saw banana trees, pineapple trees, various citrus trees, ginger, strawberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, leeks, potatoes, beetroot and carrots and more! If you've got children then I think that this would be a fab day out for them, pictures their faces seeing a pineapple in the ground with a tree growing out of it... amazing!

Speaking of food, since National Vegetarian Week when I discovered that not eating meat led to a happier tummy, I've only eaten meat three times. Yes folks, three times in three weeks! I'm not suffering from the bloating that usually plagues me and so my clothes are fitting better.. who can argue with that?! Whilst I'm not sure that I can make the transition to vegetarian entirely (I don't like beans or tomatoes, key ingredients in a lot of veggie food!) it's definitely a way of eating that I'm happy to adopt as much as I can.

I've found eating at home really easy, and eating at work hasn't been too difficult either, it's the eating out that has proved the most challenging. As I said, lots of vegetarian food contains tomatoes and beans and if you look at a menu that only has one or two choices I can guarantee that they'll contain this combo!

Here are my Oxford eating out winners so far...
*The King's Arms ~ butternut squash, spinach & goats' cheese tart with potato salad.. delicious! Also on offer: veggie burgers (soya), jacket potatoes with various fillings, sandwiches.
*The Nosebag ~ jacket potatoes with various toppings and a side salad for £4.70.. huge & cheap! They also offer a selection of other hot dishes.
*Alpha Bar ~ Amazing salads... amazing! On my visit there this week I also noticed that they've started serving various hot dishes now too.
*The Mission ~ You know how I said I don't like beans? Well.. on Wednesday night Tom & I had a date night. We went to see Prometheus but first we went to the Mission where I tried their veggie fajita: rice, peppers, red onion, pinto beans, sour cream, guacamole (I skipped the salsa) & cheese. Mmmmmmmm! I ate beans and I liked it.

Now that I've spent so long talking about food it's time to make dinner! We're having a mushroom pasta bake with garlic bread & salad tonight, I'm lucky that Tom was a vegetarian for 15 years so isn't complaining (yet!) about the lack of meat on his plate at home!

Have a lovely weekend folks,

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sadie said...

between the ages of 18 and 26 I was veggie. Let me tell you, things have changed! When I eat out now I automatically scan the veggie options first (even though I'm not longer veggie), and there is so much choice these days (back then it was a beanburger or veggie lasagne!).Yesterday we went out to lunch and I had a beetroot, goats' cheese and walnut salad. When my food arrived, EVERYONE wanted to know what it was, it looked so good (and was!).

Love the photos! I think you are right, kids would love to see a pineapple like that!

On my way round, that mushroom pasta bake sounds yummy!