Monday, May 14

The Pink Post

Black Stars - Print
SALE - My Only Sunshine - 8 x 10 Print in Pink and Cream - Perfect for Modern Nursery Decor
Lace Eco Necklace - Bright Pink Flower - Laser Cut - Recycled Felt
Owl head brooch- Coral
Pastel geo necklace in soft pink, grey, white - Rare Diamonds Collection
ONE DAY SALE - Abstract Art - The Rain - 8 x 10 - Open Edition - rain, tear, pink, multi colored
set of 2 beautifully and lovingly made 39mm fabric covered buttons
Woodland Owl Painting Art Print Block


This weeks pink items are all available to buy on Etsy, click the numbered links above to go to the shop listing for each item. The first one is by Catherine Campbell, an Australian artist whose work I've loved for a long time, who just happens to blog over here!

I've just got back from my second ever aqua-aerobics class and I loved it, even if I didn't know quite what I was doing some of the time. I left feeling absolutely ravenous so came home and cooked Tom and I a huge pesto pasta dish for dinner, nom nom. That's number 18 on my 52 in 52 (find & attend an exercise class that I like) achieved I think!  I'm taking the plunge and buying running shoes this week too. Jogging here I come.

Yesterday I told you about how I'm hoping to raise money for the Epilepsy Society throughout May by donating half the proceeds of all sales from my shop this month. I'm also going to add £1 to the final total for every new follower I gain this month which means that you can help raise funds for a great cause just by clicking follow on either GFC, HelloCotton or Bloglovin in my sidebar!

I'd really appreciate any support  from you guys to help me raise my minimum target of £50 so help me out by spreading the word!!!

(You can also donate directly to my JustGiving page)


Kat said...

If you're looking for pink, eyeball this https://www.etsy.com/listing/79859508/snow-white-and-the-wicked-witch-8x10 :P

Best of luck with the fundraising!

His Little Lady said...

great little snippets. adore!!!
sending best of luck your way!
xo TJ