Monday, May 28

On blogging and changing...

I recently read a post on changing over at The Wiegands where Casey talks about how your blog evolves and changes as you grow older. How sometimes you might post something that later you disagree with or makes you cringe. How your readers are literally watching you grow up.

I sat back and though about Casey's post and how my blog has changed over the last couple of years and how much it is evolving currently and then I left this comment..

"I think that's it's a positive thing that our blogs change with us, that are thoughts and opinions can evolve in our little space. We are making ourselves more accountable to ourselves by putting our thoughts and feelings out there... it allows us to see ourselves in a different light and to look back at past posts and see if that is the person that we wish to be. I think that my blog is helping me to shape a happier, better me."

Blogging has given me creative inspiration, a platform on which to find my voice, the desire to get into photography, to try out different things and to share my depression. I really do feel that it has become a part of my journey to become the woman that I wish to be and for that I am thankful.


Carmen said...

Having a blog is such a wonderful thing, for me its like having a public diary. Something I'll always be able to look back on and remember what it felt like or what I thought when I wrote that post!

Carmen Ri.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Great post. My blog has really encouraged me to fall in love with writing again, and is definitely keeping me creative. I just love the community it opens up too.