Wednesday, May 23

Cauliflower and beetroot bake


Today's recipe is actually what Tom and I had for dinner last night! It's very filling so you don't really need anything with it apart from some salad.

You will need: *cauliflower *beetroot * sweetcorn *mushrooms *carrots *250ml creme fraiche *250ml double cream *mature cheddar cheese *wholegrain mustard

*Dice the vegetables
*Steam the cauliflower until tender (approx 7 minutes)
*Layer all of the veggies up in a casserole dish.
*Add the creme fraiche and cream and the mustard to taste and stir in
*Place in the oven on 200c.
*After 10 minutes remove and give a good stir and replace in the oven
*Grate the cheese
*After a further 10 minutes remove, add cheese and replace for another five minutes.
*Voila! Serve and enjoy.

You can change this dish up and use different vegetables such as onion, peppers, aubergine, shallots or whatever you fancy. You could also try different cheese toppings such as goats' cheese for a bit of a twist. do you know any great veggie recipes? I'd love to see them if you do :)

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Missus Tribble said...

Yum yum! This looks so good I'm printing this out!

Nics Notebook said...

This sounds lovely! Got some beetroot 2day so will have to try this xx

Louise said...

Mmm sounds delicious!