Saturday, March 17

Organic Beauty Products

This cleanser & toner in one is absolutely delicious. It smells scrumptious and zesty, has a lovely creamy consistency, it easily removes my eye make up (I wear liquid eye liner, pencil eye liner, eye shadow and mascara!) and a little goes a long way. It's vegan as well as being organic.

I bought it through Pravera who were super quick and efficient after being recommended by the lovely Bougielyns.  I also bought one of their eyeshadows but unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to it! I spotted the Une make up range whilst in Superdrug earlier, has anyone tried any of their products? I'm keen to switch my make up away from products containing unnecessary chemical nasties.

 In other news I've trimmed my fringe today. And I just finished "Curtain: Poirot's Last Case" and, wow, what a twist! Agatha Christie really was an amazing writer.


Nics Notebook said...

I love using natural products - my skin is always so much better with them but I can't always afford it :(

Bougielyns said...

Hey! Glad you liked the Lavera products I recommended :) That is strange that you had a reaction to the eyeshadow. Did you send it back? I'm pretty sure they would refund for that, as those natural products should be fine for most people. Have a shiny, happy day! xx

Coco Williams said...

I've tried this 2-in-1 cleanser & toner, too. Its fragrance is really good and I love how it's all natural. I always choose organic beauty products.