Monday, February 13

The Clothing Detox

Yes folks, you read that right. I am having a clothing detox.

The clothes that I hoard just in case they've got to go.
The odd socks, grey pants & knickers with the elastic hanging out.. banished from my underwear drawer.
The jeans that I keep & actually do still wear but are waaaaay too big? Seriously Charis just replace them already!

Tabitha's post here is partly responsible for setting me off. (Yes, new blog discovery, yes, teeny tiny bit of blog-stalking may have occured.) Yesterday I was discussing swishing with some of the girls, this morning I read Tabitha's post and then I looked across at the huge pile of clean laundry before me and realised that these events were leading me here... to The Clothing Detox.

I'm generally pretty good at sorting through my wardrobe two or three times a year but I think that we're probably all guilty of holding back stuff that we shouldn't so now is the time to be ruthless! Once I've been through everything I think I'll throw a swishing night... I may even bake cupcakes.

I'm going to be sorting everything in to 4 piles:
*Bra's (to be donated to local shop for recycling)
*Charity shop (stuff it's too embarrassing to have admitted that you ever owned, ahem)
*Landfill (anything odd like those holey socks)

Once my wardrobe is lightened (although there is a possibility I might pick something up at the swishing night myself) then it will be part for phase two of The Clothing Detox.
Everyone knows that if you detox & then eat all the same rubbish you were before that you end up right back where you started. The detox should be a starting point for new habits...

So. Phase two is thinking about where/what I'm buying. Very soon I am going to need a new belt (mine is slowly disintegrating) so my plan is to search high & low in the charity shops. If I have no joy then I'll try handmade. If I need to find my belt on the high street I'll probably pop in to M&S as they are one of the more high profile 'greener' stores. I'm not going to pledge to say 'no' to the high street completely as it isn't entirely practical and my intention is not to bring the high street down but to save money, give more back to the community and to really think about whether or not I need or want a particular item.

I'll keep you up-to-date on The Clothing Detox & maybe some of you might even join in?



PurpleHat2010 said...

You could start at mine lol xxx

Kat said...

I'm currently clearing out a lot of stuff and selling it to local shops. Clothes are SUPER cheap around here if you know where to go.

Consider putting a few items up on your blog as "swap items." That way, some of us bloggers can put up our own items and potentially make a trade! :P

Kathryn said...

I think I might be heading that way too! I have far too many 'just in case' clothes! xx

Lexie x x x said...

Wow Charis, good on you! I most definitely need a 'Clothing detox'... reading this has made me realise what a wasteful consumer I am. eek. xx

Chaotic Disastrous said...

Clothing detoxing is good! I have just donated many of my unwanted things to charity and you feel good about yourself, because you're helping others in need too :)