Tuesday, January 10

My lazy day with Poirot

I have had a perfectly lazy day today. Last night was the Jamie's Christmas staff party & it was a fantastic night, I had so much fun, I saw so many friends & danced quite a lot :)
I'd booked today off in case recovering was in order, but actually I'm hangover free, just a bit tired. So I have spent pretty much all day in my pajamas reading the Agatha Christie's Poirot novels that Tom rescued for me... blissful!

This is Tom & I on my birthday night out, I'm sure pictures from last night will surface eventually :)

I've got another recipe post on it's way for you soon, perhaps I'll reintroduce Foodie Friday & post a recipe a week?

I am off to reacquaint myself with Hercule Poirot...



balhamkid said...

Love your picture with Tom. Where you been hiding it?

Miss Makes-a-Lot said...

sounds perfect! i love Agatha Christie novels - and your eyemakeup in that last photo is fabulous! xo

Kat said...

AH! Your eye makeup! Do want.

I actually have The Perils of Poirot on my bookshelf. I hope to get my act together and read it someday!

danneromero said...

awesome photo. both of them. i love books. and happiness.

KatGotTheCream said...

I think I really should start reading some of the original Marples by Agatha Christie. Love your stack of Poirots!!

PS new blog design looks lovely too x