Wednesday, December 21

Restaurant Etiquette...

I am constantly amazed by people when they are in a restaurant/dining environment.
Seemingly well-balanced intelligent people appear to behave extremely oddly as though their brain has turned to mush.
(Not everyone you understand, just a small minority in fact, but enough for me to write this post.)

Say, for example, that you walk in to a cafe with ten tables. Six are clean. Three are sat and one is dirty. Would you sit on the dirty one? Nooooooo.... but that is exactly what people seem to want to do. 
The other favourite is to spot the one table that says 'reserved' and sitting there. Then looking annoyed when someone explains that it is reserved and that you need to move.

Food complaints do incur in my industry and I take them very seriously. If someone complains that there food is too cold this is completely justifiable and I will go back to the kitchen & get the chef to make a replacement. But when someone complains that their food is too hot?!
The first time I had to bite my tongue so that the phrase "Blow on it then..." didn't slip out! 
(That's what my mum taught me anyway.. if it's hot, blow on it. Dead simple.)

I could go on.
The people that say they are a group of six and you explain that they may have to wait a few minutes demand to know why they can't sit at the empty table right there (imagine frantic gesturing). It's a table that only sits two.
Or the people that need to see the coffee list before they order coffee. Why?! Latte, espresso, macchiato, cappucino, mocha, americano, filter, flat white... they're the same everywhere!
The people that sit at a table for two that they sat themselves on but then call you over and tell you that they are a four... whilst looking vaguely irritated as though it was your fault...

My personal favourite still makes me smile to this day.

I once had a gentleman ask if the hanging prosciuttio legs where I worked were real. I assured him that they were... "Yes sir, those are pigs legs, we slice our prosciuttio from them."
"Wow" he said "Did I eat that?"
"I don't know sir, what did you have to eat?" I replied.
"The lamb chops." he replied.

Caz x


Chaotic Disastrous said...

I understand! I used to work in hospitality and I was in training. I did not have a name badge at the time, so all I got was trainee and one of the customers called me Trainee and why my name was Trainee..like seriously? I had to explain and then being such a lovely waitress, I got bullied by this one person..grr and his wife was giggling all the way..grrrrrrrrr..but i missed working as a waitress though! lol despite all that because we all need lovely smiling customer service! :)

Kathryn said...

Wow, that last example was hilarious! I can't imagine how tough that job must be. I've certainly had my fair share of dining with rude people, although I always make sure to say "thank you" and to be polite with my waiters/waitresses. They work hard and put up with a ton of shit, and I respect the hell outta that.

PurpleHat2010 said...

"Blow on it" would i teach my lovely daughter such a thing lol

Charis said...

Mum, you know you did!