Thursday, October 20

An Unexpected Surprise

You may have noticed that I have a new blog header... what do you think? It was designed for me by the lovely Kathryn of Atavisions & was one of two designs she sent me completely out of the blue... What a lovely unexpected surprise!

Above is the other one that she sent but I loved the lime green in the one I've used, a lovely pop of colour makes it quite eye catching. I love how she's incorporated in my recent illustration too & am genuinely quite flattered! Thanks Kat xox


aprilavril said...

aww that was so sweet of her!
I can't decide which one i like but i agree that with using the lime green to get your attention :D POP TASTIC!

PurpleHat2010 said...

Absolutely love it...and your right the lime green is fantastic, lucky you :)

Kathryn said...

I wish that I would have made the girl brighter. Grr. Anyways, so glad you like it! :D

Kat (www.atavisions.com)

Chaotic Disastrous said...

neat! I really like your new blog header! kathryn, it looks bright enough!! very eye catching!! :)

Vix said...

It's absolutely stunning, what a lovely surprise. x