Friday, October 14

Foodie Friday

Yesterday I got to try some rather interesting dishes at the cook-off for the upcoming new menu for work. One of the more unusual ones, but which I've decided I quite like, is Spaghetti Fritti. It's basically deep fried spaghetti but the one we have has ricotta & parmesan in it so when you eat it warm it's all oozy & cheesy.. delicious! It's traditionally served with a tomato sauce & we drizzled lemon juice over it too. It's definitely a great snack!

I've found a couple of different recipes for you if you fancy making it at home..  

We also got to try Game Ragu (hare, rabbit, venison, boar & pigeon!!!!), Chicken Liver Tortellini, the most incredible Truffled Turkey Milanese... it was a lot of rich food to be trying at 9am!


Fran said...

Those look amazing!!! I definitely want to try making them.

Chaotic Disastrous said...

Do they have any gluten free and wheat free dishes where you work by any chance? :) Where do you work anyway? Maybe I will come by to eat one day :)

Chaotic Disastrous said...

By the way, 9 am for food tasting! Very early!! :) those spaghetti fritters look yum, I will try making my own too with an alternative type of spaghetti :)