Sunday, November 9

I Am

I am...

Drinking Merlot. Soft berry, an undercurrent of spice, vanilla. Velvet in my mouth.
Hibernating. Pajamas, blankets, endless cups of tea.
Craving Doritos, which I cannot have.
Reading Martha Beck and George Monbiot.
Wearing grey, a gradual addition to my colour story, a feeling of safety.
Lighting candles.
Writing letters.
Long walks in the winter sun.
Visioning and visioning and visioning.

I am retreating, turning inwards, delving deep, looking for the answers that I know are there, somewhere.
The right questions, asked earlier this week, have started an avalanche of thoughts. A tumble of dreams and wishes are running through my brain. All of the things that I thought I needed to keep separate, I was wrong. they fit. I just need to find the right words to tell the story, to weave the threads together. I always wanted to be a storyteller and that hasn't gone away. The other passions, the other dreams... they are different facets of the story, I am the thread that draws them together.

I am learning to weave the words.

Everybody has a story, what is yours, right now?

Saturday, November 8

When The Magic Happens

Lately my life has been peppered with magic.

Sparkles and dashes here and there, catching my eye, allowing me to perhaps see things I wouldn't usually see.

It keeps happening.

A butterfly. Another. Another. And another. And another.


The message is clear.

Change is coming.
Change is happening.
It is what I need, this change.

Welcome it.
Embrace it.
Don't fight it.

The Universe has been making offerings for a few months now.
This, it says.

Free chakra yoga when I was fracturing.
Free life coaching-turned-mentoring right about the time I finally started to see.

More butterflies.
An opening.
Red wine.
Talking about the divine feminine.
A card reading at Sahmain.
More butterflies.

A woman dressed as a rainbow.
Free yoga-laughter-art-therapy-reiki drop-in sessions at a retreat a few days after my birthday.

Visioning collages.


The magic is happening here.

Wednesday, October 22

Be all that you can be

Some days are just so frustrating that you can't help but cry. Today was one of those days. Sometimes trying to keep multiple balls in the air, covering a colleague's job and still smiling (because you're public facing and you have too) is just too much. Today was one of those days.

But now I'm home, I'm in my onesie (it's a sheep, I look pretty silly) and I'm drinking a nice cold beer. My working day is over and tomorrow is a new day. Thank goodness!

Anyway, above is a mini painting that I did a couple of weekends ago, a good reminder. Be all that you can be.

Tuesday, October 21

Life lately

Life lately has been exhausting, tiring and a little bit difficult. Tom has started an entirely new career which has taken some real readjusting for him, On the plus side we get evenings off together and every other weekend. On the down side we both get up really early, work long days, get home in the dark and are both tired. I'm readjusting to much less time to myself, boy did I take that for granted before! We're learning how to juggle this new routine, sharing chores (we are both crap at housework) and dealing with dinner.

The nights are drawing in, it's dark in the morning and dark in the evening, the lack of daylight is my least favourite thing about this time of year. However I love the crisp air, the upcoming festivities (Hallowe'en, Bonfire Night, a big reunion night, my birthday and Christmas!), the comfort food like stews and cauliflower cheese, layering up, knee high socks and snuggling under blankets. I always craft more during autumn and winter too and am looking forward to giving weaving another go.

I had today off work and had a pretty lovely day, I spent it brainstorming, writing out ingredient cards for favourite recipes, cleaning, dancing and singing along to Taylor Swift, sorting laundry and drinking tea. Oh and I watched Singing in the Rain for the first time ever!

So... life lately is crisp, grey, country, hearty and cosy.

PS. For dinner today we had bean burgers with homemade chips... they were sooo good! I got them pretty much perfect and could have eaten tonnes more :)

Friday, September 19

Foodie Friday

Red cabbage coleslaw recipe

Ingredients (serving 3 or 4):

1/4 red cabbage
1/4 white cabbage
1 x apple
3 or 4 carrots
1 x lemon
3 x tablespoons of mayonnaise
3 x tablespoons of olive oil
1 x tablespoon of lemon juice
Black pepper

Grate the carrot, shred the cabbages, julienne the apple and throw in a mixing bowl. Add everything else and stir, seasoning to taste. If necessary adjust ingredients slightly. Serve with something delicious!

When I made this I served it up with chicken oven baked in Jack Daniels sauce & honey and homemade potato wedges. Delish!