Thursday, December 3

The encyclopaedia of essential oils

I picked up this book a couple of days ago as a bit of a study guide, it was half price in a local store so I couldn't resist. When Julia Lawless wrote this book back in 1992 it was the first time anyone had collated this type of information in to one place. From what I have read so far it is a fantastically informative book and I am looking forward to working with it over the years to come, for sure it will be one to treasure.

I've always liked to add a few drops of essential oils to my bath and rely on tea tree oil for all types of things. Recently I haven't been able to keep up for my own demand in scented candles; rose, sandalwood, jasmine, lavender, amber, lily. and yesterday I bought an essential oil citrus diffuser with lemongrass which is so uplifting. My favourite recent candle addition is my Heaven Scent aromatherapy anti stress, it is lavender and bergamot, smells absolutely divine and is very relaxing.

I think that I have some sort of nesting - self care cycle going on of late, a huge desire to make our home more welcoming, relaxing, cosy, a space that you walk in to and feel instantly relaxed. Bringing lots of nature finds home, adding to my plant collection, extra cushions and now the layering of scents are all helping create the peaceful environment I want to feel at home.

I'm looking forward to learning more about aromatherapy, essential oils and herbalism and sharing that knowledge here... for now though, off to work.

Wednesday, December 2

Life through my lens

These past couple of months I've been able to spend more time outside than I usually would in the autumn and it has done my soul the world of good. October was unusually warm so we were out and about every weekend day and through November I had booked Thursday's off and spent them volunteering at a small vegetable farm, on a huge piece of land known as the Earth Trust which is absolutely beautiful. The dark mornings and early evenings have been more manageable with the amount of time that I have spent outside and I have spent plenty of time with my eyes wide open searching for the beauty out amongst the browns, greys, the decay, the falling leaves, the rain and the mud. And I have found it. It has been a magical season.

December is definitely more on an indoor month, Christmas shopping, card writing, present wrapping, decorating, recharging... it has a magic all of it's own.

So this is how life is looking to me lately... magical. I have my magical lens' on that I guess are pretty similar to a pair of rose-tinted glasses, allowing me to see things with a sprinkle of fairy dust. Perhaps that is why I felt the urge to blog again, to capture the magic that I'm choosing to surround myself with that cannot be captured in a photograph. To remind myself that despite not yet being able to capture and share it on my instagram yet (because the light is all wrong) I have a vase full of eucalyptus, beautiful ilex berries, rosehips, pussy willow and a flower whose name I have forgotten that has been spray painted silver which looks absolutely gorgeous and is one of the first things my eyes search out each time I arrive home. I can try to weave with words here what I cannot quite glimpse with my lens... another view of my world.

I have to go and get ready for work now, here's to another day of searching for the magic...

Tuesday, December 1

December 1st

Happy December 1st! I was remembering last night how excited I used to get at the thought of waking up in December and opening the advent calendar windows. We didn't use to get the calendars with chocolate in but the ones with pictures of presents or holly or angels inside, I used to love opening the little door and seeing what was there. I don't have an advent calendar yet this year, I wonder if and where I might be able to find the old fashioned type?

On my lunch break yesterday I nipped out to a couple of independent shops in the Covered Market to pick up a few Christmas presents, I did well in both Timber Treasures and Oxford Aromatics, luckily I actually did my first bit of shopping for Christmas a few weeks back as my mum and her husband are coming down this weekend for a birthday/Christmas celebration, so I have a deadline for their presents. On today's lunch break that means heading back to the covered market for wrapping paper and pine garlands, this evening Christmas will commence at ours with present wrapping and card writing and festive decorations, although we won't be putting our tree up just yet.

I wonder if we'll actually get snow this year for Christmas?

Monday, November 30

Life Lately

It's the first of December tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! I've been thinking up ways to decorate our flat in a natural way, so far, with autumn's fleeting gorgeousness I have collected pine cones and conkers, rosehips and tiny pumpkins (yes I've still got them)... And now, with Winter's noisy entrance, I have added holly, eucalyptus and willow to the mix.

I'm feeling a not-so-strange pull to bring more of the outside world in, I guess because at this time of year it is hard to spend enough time outside. It is dark in the morning before setting off to work and it is dark by the time I get home after work and if the weekend days are like this past Saturday was, with high winds and lashings of rain, venturing outside is something we might not venture round to doing. I have spent so much time outside where possible this year that I have simply concluded that I will bring nature inside to me.

It's my birthday in a few days, I'll be turning 38, I wonder if I will finally be wiser?! I am thinking of it as the start of my new year... an ushering in of a new age of self-belief, of faith in my choices, of following my path and honouring my intuition. I have spent a large part of my thirties wrestling with myself, burying myself, dampening down, shhhhh-ing up, closing down parts of myself so effectively that now, when they escape, these facets of me, they shoot up as though through cracks in the Earth scalding whatever is in their path their like so much hot steam.

I have become a living, breathing, walking volcano. I have made myself violently unhappy. I could ignite and explode at any moment. I am not really sure how you talk a volcano down, but in my case I am picking up my spade and I am digging, shovelling, pulling away the layers of Earth to alleviate the pressure underneath. Digging, digging, digging, uncovering what has remained there all along... uncovering bones and crystals, carcasses and tender shoots and hoping to retrieve myself, bruised and battered but alive, broken-yet-whole and free.