Tuesday, May 26

A visit to The Trap Grounds

On Saturday afternoon we jumped in the car and Tom drove us over to this place, the Trap Grounds, as I hadn't been before. It's a wild space, a nature reserve area, just off the canal in North Oxford. Apparently bullfinches, snipe and great spotted woodpeckers make this area their home and we were lucky enough to spot a heron, I don't think I've seen one in "real" life before!

On Sunday we went down to our local park, took a wander through the nature reserve there and found a huge patch by the football field that they have left covered in dandelions... so so many! We laid down on the grass & dandelion bed for a while and gazed at the clouds moving across the sky in the warm afternoon sun before heading home for our roast vegetables with couscous and goats' cheese dinner.

And in an exciting update, I have reopened my Etsy shop! Now I'm off to cook dinner and watch Murder She Wrote. I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend! 

Saturday, May 23

You are truly radishing

A few weeks ago I made these little fruit & vegetable pun embroideries for fun. I'll probably make some more as & when I can pick up some more embroidery hoops on the cheap, these ones came from a charity shop years ago I think. Stitching words is actually rather difficult and definitely takes quite a lot of practice so kudos to those out there that can do it and make it look beautiful (gulush threads)!

At the moment I am still on my finger knitting kick and making scarves... yeah, I know, it's summer, but it's winter somewhere in the world, right?! The thing is, when I'm crafting, my mind goes quiet, all my trouble, the incessant mental chatter... it simply mutes. It's a though whilst my hands are busy my ego loses it's ability to converse and fill my head with stressful nonsense.

Ah, imagine how calm I would be if I was constantly crafting. I mentioned in my last post how meditative I am finding finger knitting to be and I have definitely read a few times that crafting is said to be good for depression, perhaps because it does quiet the mental chatter? There is also the sense of accomplishment that you feel when you complete a piece, particularly something challenging, it's a lovely feeling.

I'm not sure what our plans are for this bank holiday weekend, I have got to get to the post office this morning to deliver a large pile of parcels to the outside world (thank you ebayers) and Tom is planning a shoe shopping expedition and a haircut. Alia may be coming over for the weekend and I'm sure at some point we'll be jumping in the car and heading off on an outdoor adventure. I also predict lots of tea, roast vegetables and more wool related shenanigans...  I hope you all have a lovely one!

Wednesday, May 20

A new addiction... finger knitting!

It's official folks, I can't stop! It's oddly addictive, perhaps because of the repetition of it, it's feels almost meditative. As I haven't gotten the hang of actual knitting yet (y'know, with needles!) I'm quite pleased that I've gotten on to this as it means that I finally have something to do with my wool stash!

I have plans for lovely woolen infinity scarves and knitted necklaces made this way, I'm thinking of selling off most of my older jewellery pieces and then stocking ,my online shop with the finger knitted creations... I'm even considering making enough stock to brave selling at the market one day. Perhaps I should trial at a car boot sale first?

I'm on a big de-cluttering kick right now so am photographing various bits & bobs and putting them up for sale on ebay, at the moment there are a few dresses on there (sizes 8-12), a couple of pairs of jeans and a few handmade necklaces, do pop over! Once I've got my etsy shop back online I'll let you know... it's slow progress at the moment b/c my laptop is broken so i have to borrow Tom's when he isn't around!

I'm off to watch Lewis and make another scarf, love x

Thursday, May 14

A wake up call!

I have recently realised that I haven't really been living, that I have been coasting along, simply existing, and that the reason I have been feeling vaguely unhappy for so long is so simple. I had just stopped.
A rather abrupt stop of a different kind has woken me up to this realisation and now I am feeling reinvigorated, re-energised and awake, ready to really start living again in so many little ways.

I have some small steps that I am going to take, like starting a project life album which will not only be fun, but will encourage me to do more things to take photos of and will get my creative juices going.  I will have more solo dance parties whilst doing my house cleaning (bring. it. on. Taylor.). I will go adventuring more often. I will make family and friend dates. I will be eating way more vegetables and plant based foods. I will meditate. I will create, I will, draw, I will paint and I will own all of it.  I'm going to reopen my online shop, get back online, work on my business plans (I still don't know what this looks like... but I will) and by the end of the year/start of 2016 be working part-time whilst I finally launch.

I have changes to make. I want to be able to take holidays with Tom, spend more time with family, see places, travel, live life at a pace that I choose, in a way that makes me happy.

I choose life.