Wednesday, June 22

Bunkers Hill

We took a trip out to Bunkers Hill garden centre last Sunday to buy bedding plants for our garden. The weekend prior a dead tree came down bringing some fencing with it, smashing the patio and missing the flat by about 1.5 inches. Whilst this was a bit of a shock at the time, the upshot to this is an extra foot & a half or so of garden and a lot of wood chippings to use as mulch, so we decided to make a flower bed on the new bit of garden.

I do love it at Bunkers Hill, it's where we go every year to get our Christmas tree and I always enjoy pottering round. We spent quite some time in there wandering backwards and forwards trying to choose what to buy for our garden and cooing over plants we wanted but that were out of our price range.

It's been so lovely seeing our beautiful flowers in our garden when I get home from work, as well as admiring the beautiful Harry Grey fuchsia hanging basket that now takes pride of place outside my front door. A teeny strawberry plant that I bought via an honesty box on a day trip out to Goring & Streatley is bearing fruit, two juicy little red strawberries to be exact, and I couldn't be more proud.

I am loving my relatively recent foray in green-finger-ness and am looking to more plants, both indoor and out :)

Are you green fingered? Are you a plant mama? An avid gardener? Do tell! x

Monday, June 20

And now, I write.

Every so often I think that I'm ready to come back to this space, to start blogging again, to write. When I was younger I wanted to be a writer. Sometimes now I still think about being a writer, a weaver of words, a storyteller... but the blank page. The words that don't fall from my fingertips as I sit with them poised above the keyboard. Is it because I have to work at it? Because, perhaps, a blog post is so far from instant? As well as finding the words I also have to upload and edit the pictures, whereas instagram, well, the clue is in the name.

For a long time I didn't write because I felt that I wasn't doing anything that was worth writing about. But things have changed somewhat, for the better. I don't spend my days in the same mental fog I once was. I do things, maybe small things, but enough to talk about. So here I am, writing, tentatively.

I'm filling my days with gardening, embroidering, teaching myself macrame, nurturing my houseplants, flower arranging, learning about branding, troubleshooting at work and practising lettering. I read, I think about making bread (I'm still thinking...) I watch NCIS (maybe a little too much), I think about learning knit (I'm still thinking...), I practise my photography.

And now, I write.

Monday, February 29

Reality Bites. The one where I finally got on the scales.


Yep, it was a shocking moment, a la Bridget. Two stone heavier than I thought I was, three stone heavier than I have spent most of my thirties being. It's no wonder nothing fits properly and my pants keep disappearing up my bum. Three stone people. Arrrrgggghhh.

Obviously this is enough to make me want to throw on a pair of trackies and eat some ice cream before finally ceding defeat and buying new clothes a couple of dress sizes larger and blaming my impending forties. Except that about two stone appears to all just be on my belly. I am not merely apple shaped, I look pregnant, and I hate it. I have lost count of the amount of times that I have to have the awkward conversation with someone where I try to convince them that actually, no, I'm not pregnant thank you very much. It is depressing. It has gone past the stage where I can blame water retention or bloating due to stress.

I am simply overweight and I have to get off my butt and do something about it. I have always been a lazy girl and definitely no fan of exercise, previously blessed with a fast metabolism and a job that involved plenty of running around, sadly those days are now loooong past. If any of you happen to be experts on reducing belly fat quick smart I am dying to hear it, in the meantime this is me, ditching sugar and cake and strapping on my trainers...

Saturday, February 27

What on Earth are you wearing? The one where I talk about fashion.

Morning folks! So I'm aware that I have been pretty non-existent in this space this year so far but I think it's been a good thing. I've been recalibrating, rediscovering old passions, trying out a couple of other platforms, jumping back on to Twitter, really wrapping my brain around running a guest house including discovering the murky waters of online travel agents, upping my instagram game and lastly uncovering a long forgotten interest in fashion. Yep, clothes, style, make up. 

It's a bit like being a teenager again, only with totally the wrong shaped body. But y'know, the spots are still there (why do they suddenly reappear in your late 30s? Anyone?), the awkwardness of not being quite sure what suits you but suddenly having a very clear idea of what your desired style is and the same inability to style my hair that I possessed way back when. Then I cheated and got a 90's girl indie chop a la Louise Wener. Now I've gone for the vaguely French style of long fringe and longish hair, just, well being hair really. 

Having started stalking, ahem, following, various Insta lovelies such as Dress Like a Mum,
Mother Pukka and Now We Are 40 I had a bit of a realisation, along the lines of "Oh my goodness I don't have to be a frump!" To be honest I don't know when I had stopped caring but buying clothes to hide my wobbly bits instead of to celebrate me had become the habit, I hadn't bought myself a new pair of shoes in years, I put no thought in to my make up and only actually started a skin care routine this year. It was like I felt like I didn't deserve the time and attention it takes to make yourself feel good.

I read Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying and started my epic tidy (still to be completed) by culling my wardrobe of clothes that didn't bring me joy. Basically this left me with hardly any clothes. It was a bit of a revelation to be honest! That was when I started thinking about what styles I liked, what type of figure I realistically have, what I feel I should dress like for my day job (venue manager for private hire bookings and running a guest house), whether or not I want a work wardrobe and a non-work wardrobe etc. and I am gradually buying new pieces. It's fun.

I dug out my copy of What on Earth Are You Wearing? a tongue in cheek look at various fashion styles with gorgeous illustrations by Kat Macleod and decided to share it on my instagram feed, discussing the various items and styles for a bit of a giggle, it seems to have gone down well.

So far we have discussed such gems as whether to bring back opera hats (we like hats rather a lot actually), whether or not short curvy girls can rock a jumpsuit (overwhelmingly we felt no, but one gorgeous gal pointed us to Asos so the jury is still out), galoshes versus goldfish shoes, obviously this one was a little silly because who on earth even owns goldfish shoes??!

We discussed leopard print (YES! Have you seen my profile picture?!), sequins (another resounding yes although we don't wear them enough) and bumbags (apparently also yes, unfortunately I remember the horrible cheap ones we had in the eighties though so I'm still not convinced). One lady who sure as hell can rock a bum bag though is Hannah Marcotti, check her out ;)

I have recently downloaded the marvellous How To Be Parisian so now of course, not only do I now have fabulous hair and a growing stylish new wardrobe I am also basically a sexy Parisienne. Have you read it?

Anyway, it's good to be back and I expect you'll be seeing me over here more regularly from now on. But for now...

Au revoir,